Mahalakshmi Maher

Mahalakshmi is an American-born singer, pianist, songwriter, and music yogi. 
She has written music for nearly twenty years. 
Mahalakshmi is a devotee of Hairakhan Mahavatar Babaji,
a saint who taught to live the precepts of Truth, Simplicity, and Love,
to repeat the mantra Om Namah Shivay,
and to do one's work selflessly and without attachment to result. 
Mahalakshmi's music and life is an extension of these teachings.
Her work includes originals of kirtan, mantra, with poetry and lyrics in English.

As a teenager, Mahalakshmi discovered she could express experiences more substantially
through sound than any other medium. 
She began receiving entire songs in her mind with full lyrics, melody, and chords in one
which she then translated to piano and voice.
The music created a soundscape which matched her inner world.
The process of playing the pieces gave perceptive and the lyrics often contained
a previously unknown wisdom guiding her way.
The music was somewhat mysterious, poignant, sometimes humorous, both dark and light,
and engaged the listener in a shared felt experience.
After many years writing songs in the milky sea, as it were,
Mahalakshmi intuited that a transformation into bliss through sound was possible.
Without knowing quite what she was looking for, she made a call within to the one who knows.
'If I have a Guru, and You can hear me,
please bring into my life someone who can teach me what I seek.'

Three weeks later, Mahalakshmi met a disciple of Babaji named Emam.
He introduced her to Indian Classical music, Kirtan, Bhajans, Sanskrit, Bhakti and Nada Yoga. 
She later traveled to India and to Hairakhan Vishva Mahadham, Babaji's ashram in Nainital District,
where she became aware of the ineffable effect of reciting and singing mantra. 
Mahalakshmi traveled to Goa and began learning Indian Classical music with Rahimat Khan.
Later she spent time in Mumbai training with vocalist Geetika Varde
Mahalakshmi collaborates and performs with Emam & Friends
and in Emam and Mahalakshmi's band Rhythm and Mantra internationally. 
She has shared the stage with such talented musicians as Mukesh Sharma (sarod),
Matthew Montfort
of Ancient Future (guitar), Daniel Berkman (Kora), Turkantam (guitar),
Julien Moretto (violin), and Xavier Peres (piano).
Mahalakshmi has collaborated with Julliard-trained flautist Andrea Fisher AKA “Fluterscooter” on two albums dedicated to healing. 
Mahalakshmi currently resides most of the year in India.