Laxmi is a singer, composer, and pianist from Detroit, MI (US) who for many years specialized in creating beautiful music from difficult experience. Ethereal music of all shades and colors would arrive in her ear and through voice and piano she transported listeners to a spacious realm from which she received her inspiration. The music brought about a deep transformation and raising of consciousness in herself and in others. She has been referred to as a "musical shaman" with an "angelic voice."

In 2013, Laxmi had a great desire to be immersed in the well of truth, love, and beauty in life as well as music, and as fate would have it Laxmi met Emam in California. With Emam she became immersed in the music, rhythm, and spirituality of India. In 2014, Laxmi began collaborating with Emam & Friends and sharing the stage with such talented musicians as Mukesh Sharma (sarod), Matthew Montfort of Ancient Future, Daniel Berkman (Kora), Turkantam (guitar),
Julien Moretto (violin), and Xavier Peres (piano).
In 2016, she collaborated with Andrea "Fluterscooter" Fisher on an album devoted to healing and meditation called Ayatunes, and is also featured on Ayatunes Vol. 2 which released in 2017.
Emam and Laxmi began Rhythm and Mantra in 2016 and have performed and facilitated events for audiences in Germany, Italy, India, USA and more to come.

Laxmi is very grateful and humbled to be under the tutelage of Indian Classical vocalist Geetika Varde Qureshi, and of Ustad Chhote Rahimat Khan with whom she began learning Hindustani music in India. Laxmi has adopted music as a yogic practice and seva, with wishes to serve the world community by awakening more beauty, truth, and love than when she came. She draws on over ten years of western flute and Western Classical music training which inform her melodic compositions as well as richness of tone.